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CHI Tallahassee Property Maintenance and Repair

Outdoor Oasis Design

We design and build covered beds and dining structures, landscaping, stone work - everything you need for a complete outdoor oasis.

When we combine your backyard potential with our expertise - the possibilities are endless.


Custom Outbuildings

We deliver and setup all types of ready made storage units and outbuildings.

We also design and build specialty custom buildings in our warehouse - then deliver and install at your location.


Custom Wood Playsets

We design and install custom backyard playsets using safe and durable materials.

Choose from traditional, nautical, industrial or other creative children's themes.


Hot Tub Inserts

This is one of our classic services - tub installation included!

We design and build custom hot tub inserts as stand alone or deck additions - with a creative flair.


Tile Work

We cover floors inside and out - tile, linoleum, wood, composite.

Our tile work and surface coverings expertise extend to any room, any surface, vertical or horizontal.


Tallahassee home repair services

Turn Key Work

For property managers we provide turn key services to protect, maintain or enhance your real property assets.

Tallahassee home maintenance


Yes, we do windows and general cleaning /debris removal, paint touch-ups and similar work.

Tallahassee home repair

Wood Rot

Tallahassee is sub-tropical and wood rot is endemic. We do wood rot repair on time and within budget.

Tallahassee handyman

Pressure Washing

Yes, everyone thinks they can pressure wash your home, but be careful. If not done right, it's a problem.

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